Swiss loan without credit checker entry

Can a Swiss loan without credit checker entry be applied for directly? What loan amounts and loan terms are available for credit checker-free loan offers? The article provides the answers to these questions and further information.

Swiss credit without credit checker entry – disempowering credit checker

Swiss credit without credit checker entry - disempowering credit checker

In principle, institutions such as credit checker, which provide information for the security of lent capital, are not wrong. Without the reliable repayment of almost all borrowers, according to credit checker over 97 percent, the credit system would collapse. As a result, interest rates would rise to infinite levels. Anyone who still needs a loan would then be impoverished by the interest. Anyone who has traveled to the Third World can name examples of this. An interest rate of 10 percent per month is advertised there on large billboards.

Against this background, institutions that ensure secure lending are more than recommended. Nevertheless, everyone can get into financial difficulties once. According to the German system, a minute carelessness is sufficient to cause the complete loss of creditworthiness. For at least three more years, a long-paid debt prevents any further “normal” credit facility. In these cases, a Swiss loan without credit checker entry is a form of compensatory justice.

Another important reason to disempower credit checker a little is the desire for a home. Each registered loan makes the required construction loan unnecessarily expensive. Of course, the savings could be used in this case, but this is urgently needed for the proof of equity.

Who offers credit checker-free Swiss loans?

Who offers credit checker-free Swiss loans?


A look at advertising leads the loan search for a Swiss loan without credit checker entry almost without exception to a credit broker. Credit brokerages are the only ones that massively promote credit checker-free loans. It is very difficult to find a direct provider in this way. There is also the danger of moving in a circle. Before the financial crisis, there were various credit banks for credit checker-free loans. Loan offers that were already online before 2010 are no longer current. Virtually all direct providers of this time have disappeared from the market.

Since the end of 2010, as far as extensive research can prove, only a foreign credit bank has been offering loans without credit checker for Germans. All tracked loan offers from reputable credit placement companies only refer to SIGMA Kreditbank AG from Liechtenstein. The credit bank itself does not advertise its credit checker-free credit options. Only a very simple website lists the loan terms and offers an application form for download.

Requirements for lending – Swiss credit

Requirements for lending - Swiss credit


Anyone who applies for a Swiss loan without a credit checker entry does not have to prove his creditworthiness through the credit checker inspection. The loan is only reported to credit checker if there are repayment problems. Proof of creditworthiness is kept on the one hand via the public debt register and on the other hand via labor income. Anyone who has an entry in the public debt register can stop their credit efforts straight away. Contrary to advertising, there is no credit without credit checker with warrant, EV or in the event of bankruptcy.

The second essential criterion for creditworthiness is earned income from dependent employment. Swiss credit can only be successfully applied for if the employment relationship is unlimited and has not been terminated. In addition, it must have existed for at least 12 months. Different advertising that promises such a loan despite self-employment, ALG or ALG 2 is misleading. As far as is known, only the credit bank mentioned may legally grant a credit checker-free loan to borrowers residing in Germany.

There are also clear requirements for the amount of net work income. It must be well above the applicable garnishment exemption limit. The exact amount of income must also depend on the desired loan amount. A Swiss loan without credit checker entry is only granted in two loan amounts.

Important key data for credit checker-free loan offers

Important key data for credit checker-free loan offers


You can apply for a net loan of USD 3,500. The effective annual interest rate is 11.62 percent with direct application and non-cash payment. It is paid in 40 equal monthly installments of $ 105.95. At the end of the term, a total of 4,238 USD was repaid. A single person without maintenance needs to prove a net work income of 1,130 USD for the application.

The second loan amount is 5,000 USD and costs 11.61 percent effective interest per year. Repayments will be made in 40 monthly installments of $ 151.35. In total, the Swiss loan without credit checker entry over 5,000 USD is paid off with 6,054 USD. The necessary proof of income for single persons is to be provided in the amount of at least 1,600 USD.

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